We sell seeds to our valuable customers at very good prices.

We sell most seeds for most aviary kept birds and food for handrearing birds.

Seeds that we stock are:

Seed - Budgie                          1Kg                     2Kg                      5Kg

Seed - Canary                          1Kg                                                  5Kg

Seed - Mix Canary                   1Kg                                                  5Kg

Seed - Mix Bird                        1Kg                     2Kg                      5Kg

Seed - Black Sunflower           1Kg                     2Kg                     5Kg

Seed - Cockatiel                      1Kg                     2Kg                     5Kg

Seed - Jap Millet                      1Kg                                                 5Kg

Seed - Wild Bird                       1Kg                    2Kg                     5Kg

Seed - Oats                               1Kg

And we also sell the following food for birds:

Seed - Cooking Mix                                            2Kg                     5Kg

Seed - Cooking mix: Must be cooked (Like Rice) on a stove in a pot with boiling water, don't add any salt or spices, the cooking mix won't be soft but it won't be hard. Give it to the bird to eat. Cooking mix are a very good balanced food that will help to keep your birds condition in a good state. What you can do, cook the whole pack of cooking mix and freeze it in a ice block tray, every day you can take out the desired blocks, defrost and give it to your bird.

Seed - Peanuts      500g        1Kg                    2Kg

Seed - Chillies        500g        1Kg

Then we are also suppliers of the following food brands:

Avi - Plus Food:

Handrearing Parrot Stage 2 & Finisher


Lorikeet Nectar

Mynah Pellets

Mynah Softbill

Delights African Grey

Delights Ringneck

Delights Cockatoo

Delichts Lovebirds

Delights Macaw

Parrot Maintenance (Very good balanced diet for birds)

Parrot Breeder (Very good supplement for breeding birds)

Parrot Bix

Parrot Bix Shapes

Supplements for birds:

Avi - Moult

Avi - Stress

Avi - Probiotic

Avi - Soluble Multivitamins

Avi - Twinpack

Avi - Calsium